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Story behind it all

Care2Act provides networking and training for community-minded professionals. Two years ago, two dynamic ladies started Walk With Me fundraising teams at their companies. They had the same budget, energy, company buy in and staff sizes. One recruited 22 members and raised $600, the other just one member and $20. We badly wanted these two people to meet, learn from and motivate each other so we started Care2Act.

Care2Act is a service that we provide to businesses to thank them for their support and help them do good work better. There is no charge to attend and no support of Southwest Human Development is required (although it is encouraged!). It’s all about connecting people and providing the support you need to influence your colleagues, shift culture, create change and turn caring into action. 

Care2Act is a service program of Southwest Human Development. Together, we are creating a positive future for Arizona’s children and their families. We support parents, caregivers and professionals so they can provide children the best start in life.

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