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10/22 Webinar: Are You Making the Most of Your Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

Public and employees’ expectations of business playing a key role in community-powered social impact are on the rise now more than ever before.  As a result, the practice of CSR must positively transform and heighten its visibility internally and externally.   

Julie Coleman, Principal, Julie Coleman Consulting and Professional Advisor to Care2Act, will share CSR guidance, best practices, and the bottom-line benefits for companies that act as agents of social change. 

Care2Act Webinar: Tuesday, October 22, 11:00 am – 11:45 am

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More about Julie…

Julie Coleman, Principal, Julie Coleman Consulting (JCC), serves as the Professional Advisor to Care2Act. 

With nearly 20 years’ experience in philanthropy and a Certificate in Corporate Community Involvement from Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, Julie’s unique perspective allows her to create a methodology that can be tailored to each client.  Julie’s background includes serving as Director of Public Relations at the American Red Cross, Vice President of the Community Foundation and Director of Community Relations at US Airways, and Executive Director of the Arizona Public Service Foundation, among other roles.  Her experience in this profession is a rarity as she worked directly for non-profit organizations with “boots on the ground”.  She also worked for private sector corporations cultivating partnerships and purposefully guiding the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

JCC provides customized Community Engagement consulting services to businesses of all sizes by helping clients realize their social purpose by mobilizing them to drive sustainable social change through cross-sector partnerships, investment, and volunteerism.