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Every business is going to have different access to resources, employee motivation and company culture, which makes every community support program unique. On Thursday, we started building a Menu of Engagement to help you think outside the box and find the right fit and initiatives for your culture. We will continually be updating this to help you and future companies align their community support to their company mission. Here are two I had never heard of before…

New Idea #1: Seasonal employers like hotels may have employees who they want to keep as “full time” for benefits purposes, but don’t have enough work year round to justify 30 hours a week. Rachel (Hyatt Regency) had the idea of allowing them to work volunteer hours to make up the difference. She even had a cool code name: Ghost Hours.

New Idea #2: Employees may be workaholics who don’t get a chance to utilize their full vacation hours. Eventually the company will have to pay these at retirement or when the employee leaves in a one time, bulk payment. How about letting employees donate their unused PTO to a NPO? Either the employee or company could then take the write off.

What do you do that is unique and effective in your company?


  • PTO for Volunteer hours (VTO)

  • Hosting team building events and meetings at Nonprofit Organizations

  • Entry to company sponsored events for volunteering

  • Holding Town Halls/Publicizing

  • *Ghost Hours, allowing low hour employees to maintain benefits through unpaid volunteer time.

  • Volunteering with the family

  • Lunch hour volunteer activities at the office

  • Skill based volunteering

  • Incentivizing volunteering with perks like sports tickets, lunch with the boss, pizza parties, additional training/conference attendance…etc.

  • Accountability, challenging each other with respect on the line


Networking/Incorporating your Business:

  • Using company resources to support NPO (borrow trucks, use conference rooms…etc.)

  • Competition between departments (Ex: who can raise the most money for a cause)

  • Donation drives (Spring cleaning, appliances, yard sale style, etc)

  • Utilizing your network to introduce NPO to useful resources

  • Holidaycontests

  • Attend Care2Act Networking meetings – shameless plug!

Monetary Donation:

  • Dunk tank, donate to dunk the CEO

  • Matching employee donations to Nonprofit Organizations

  • Donating to NPO for hours volunteered ($10 donation per hour volunteered)

  • Employees review and approve grants/sponsorships

  • Donation dress down days (Ex: Donate $5 to dress down at work)

  • Monetary donations funded through stock options, paycheck giving, events

  • Donating a percentage of your salary each paycheck to a nonprofit

  • *Donating unused PTO (Ex: Converting this into a monetary value and donating it)

  • Creating Sponsorships, Holding Raffles, 50/50 Raffles

  • Cause marketing – customer facing discount and donation program


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